Telehealth Physiotherapy Services

Telehealth services have never been more important. In the midst of Covid-19, the general public are being encouraged to practice social distancing. With imminent school closures and more of us being encouraged to work from home, we've come up with an inventive way for our patients to continue with their rehabilitation. 

We are proud to offer the opportunity for new & existing patients to be rehabilitated in the comfort and safety of their home. We are assuming that this is a relatively new concept to most reading this. The title Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist incites the idea of a physical assessment and physical treatment. However, we assure you that this remote approach will still lead to the same great results of a physical session. 

How does it work? 

Session's will be available to book online. Once booked into a clinicians diary you'll receive  an email with some information regarding the appointment. At the allotted time the Physiotherapist will video call you on WhatsApp or Zoom.  Don't worry, we have the technical bit in hand, all you have to do is click on a link to join a secure chat.  The video is encrypted at each end too, so it's super-secure!

The session will begin with a subjective history and may include some self performed physical assessments (Under the guidance of the physiotherapist). Once a diagnosis has been established, a tailored self management plan will be emailed over to you. The physiotherapist will go through the advice given & assist in the completion of your exercises. Any subsequent follow ups with follow a similar model until you're fully recovered. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How will the Physiotherapist know what is wrong with me? 

All of our clinicians here at Physio Form have a wealth of post-grad experience and are brilliant at clinical reasoning. They'll use the information you've provided to reach a plausible diagnosis. This is how it works even during physical sessions. The majority of the information we need is from what you say. 

How will these sessions help my injury? 

Physiotherapy is an evidence based practice, meaning that there's new evidence on what techniques to use. There is already a wealth of evidence to support Telehealth services efficacy. Exercises are essential to the recovery of any injury. We also believe that this approach empowers you as the patient. 

Will I need specialist equipment? & What will I need to wear? 

You won't need any specialist equipment. We'll be able to tailor the exercise plan based on what you have available at home. All you'll need is smart phone with front camera. In regards to attire, Ideally, you want to be wearing sports apparel. Something flexible & lightweight with some layers that may be asked to be removed at the Physiotherapists request.