Treating sports injuries is not just about offering sports massage, but treating them with the same attention and care as any other musculoskeletal injury or condition.  At Physio Form you can expect a full musculoskeletal assessment and usually including a detailed Biomechanical Analysis using the latest Video Gait Analysis technology to study your biomechanical alignment whilst on the move - providing you are able to walk or run at the time of the appointment!

The assessment and analysis can be used to highlight whether the injury or condition may have been caused by a weakness or alignment issue elsewhere, that has then triggered pain.  

Common Sports Injuries include:

  • Plantar fasciopathy or commonly referred to as Plantar-fasciitis - pain to the underside of the foot usually through the arch area or the centre of the heel. Plantar fasciopathy is a degenerative process with similar presentation to a tendinopathy including features of change to the collagen.
  • Acute soft tissue injuries including ligamentous sprains and muscle strains.
  • Tendinopathy - pain and weakness of the tendon commonly affects the Achilles and Patella Tendon in runners. Reactive tendinopathies are tendons that have responded to a rapid increase in loading. 
  • Achilles Tendinopathy- a strain or tear to the tendon that runs from the back of the heel upwards to the lower calf muscle. This is normally associated with sudden increases in load but can be associated with foot posture, footwear, and improper technique. 
  • Shin Splints - a generalised term used to cover strains and tears of soft tissue around the shin area
  • Hamstring Strains and Tears - strains to the upper part of the back of the leg from the knee up to the gluteal muscles
  • Patello-femoral pain 'runners knee'- pain at the front of the knee. Normally involving abnormal loading of the patella against the femur due to lower limb alignment. Can involve irritation to the surrounding structures of the patello-femoral joint such as the bursa, fat pad, plica, ITB. 
  • Overuse Injuries - aches and pains associated with over training and overloading
  • Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain - commonly associated with biomechanical alignment, core imbalance or weakness, incorrect footwear or posture related
  • Back and Lower Back Pain - depending upon physical activity from poor general posture, improper technique, weak or imbalanced core, running/cycling posture or impact from sports such as rugby or football
  • Shoulder Strains and Tears - typically overuse or overextended issues, imbalance from upper body or impact related injuries. Can be related to posture. All can alter the mechanics acting around the shoulder. We commonly see impingement, rotator cuff tendinopathies and tears. 

These are just some of the more common sports injuries we see in our Burton Clinic, although we can treat any musculoskeletal injury or condition and help you to self manage it to prevent re-occurrence.  

Please call 01283 563331 or email to book your appointment.  We endeavour to offer you an appointment within 48 hours.