At Physio Form we are HCPC registered Physiotherapists and members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and as such always maintain evidence based practice to stay at the forefront of the latest treatment methods.

Our Approach

We undergo biomechanical tests to identify the root cause of the problem and tailor treatment to work the whole kinetic chain, restoring normal biomechanical function.

Our approach at Physio Form is to carry out thorough detailed assessments to identify the root cause of the problem and then formulate a holistic treatment approach tailored to your needs. We utilise many treatments and exercises to speed up tissue healing and recovery in order to return your normal mechanics and help with pain relief. Your rehabilitation programme is not only aimed at treating just one area, but incorporating exercises for the whole kinetic chain because ultimately the body works as a collective team. Certain areas which may be affected may only be victims of another area in the body being weak or stiff. e.g. the knee can often be a victim of poor foot posture/biomechanics or reduced hip stability.  Likewise the elbow can be a victim for racket sports if the wrist or shoulder/neck is stiff or weak. 


Our treatments often combine a range of techniques and processes in order to achieve fast effective treatment, and combined with a rehabilitation programme incorporating specific graded exercises and progressions to give lasting results. Some of our key treatments are listed below: 

  • Soft tissue Myofascial Mobilisation releases tight areas which are limiting normal movements and inhibiting normal muscles.  By working along the whole kinetic myofascial chain in order to release your bodies potential, rather than just focusing on the immediate area. After all our body is all surrounded by skin and fascia (connective tissue) therefore a tightness in one area will ultimately create a tightness further down or up the chain. 
  • Kinesiology Tape compliments the myofascial mobilisation/soft tissue work we perform in our treatments.  "K-Tape" helps to maintain length gained during our treatment and allow sport to be continued in certain cases. It also speeds up the lymphatic flow due to to the unique pattern and stretch applied to the tape. It can offload certain structures and dissipate forces away from injured areas. There are over 1200 different taping methods!
  • We utilise various techniques of Manual Therapy to restore normal joint mechanics and alleviate pain.  We show patients various self treatments techniques to continue with at home.  
  • Where necessary we use Ultrasound treatment (Electrotherapy) to speed up tissue healing, reduce pain and control inflammation. 
  • Acupuncture is another adjunct which can be performed at Physio Form for certain conditions, particularly longer term conditions and general pain relief.  For more detailed information about the benefits of acupuncture and techniques click here.
  • We offer detailed Advice and Education throughout consultations regarding your injury or condition, how we are going to treat it and expectations/goals to get you back to what you enjoy doing as soon as possible. 
  • Sports Massage is quite different to a regular therapeutic massage, it is usually much deeper into the tissues in order to break down knotted or damaged tissue, to stretch and lengthen muscles to aid injury prevention and improve performance.  Post race sports massage is used to accelerate recovery by increasing blood flow to the tissues and flush out toxins built up in the muscle from intense physical activity.  Click here to find out about more about the benefits of regular sports massage.

We promise to get you better and back to what you enjoy doing as quick as possible. If we do not see progress in our sessions we will quickly refer you for necessary investigations and consult your GP ensuring that you get the highest standard of care at every stage.