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As a healthcare provider we are able to continue treating patients as normal in the clinic with PPE and Covid secure measure in place to ensure the best possible safety for patients and clinicians alike. 


Initial Assessment   £49

Your physiotherapy assessment will involve some questions about your injury or condition, followed by a physical examination, diagnosis and treatment plan. Duration approximately 40-45 minutes

Follow Up Treatment   £47

Your follow up treatment will check on progress from your previous session, and include further treatment and progression of your rehabilitation programme. Duration approximately 45 minutes

Shockwave Therapy Assessment 45 mins- includes first shockwave treatment £90

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy as it's known is a modern treatment and rehabilitation of superficial orthopaedic conditions, most commonly tendinopathies, tendonitis and bone spurs to name but a few.  An assessment will be required before carrying out any shockwave treatment to ensure there is a clinical requirement.

Shockwave Therapy Treatment up to 30 mins £60

This option should only be booked if you have already received a Shockwave Assessment. The treatment includes one course of Shockwave Therapy.

Sports Massage 45 minutes £44

45 Minute sports massage, ideal for treating both legs or the full back back and shoulders to loosen things up whether it's part of a one-off race prep, or a regular treatment. Duration approximately 45 minutes

Sports Massage 60 minutes £52

60 minute soft tissue sports massage, this is ideal for larger areas such as the neck & back, full leg massage or back and shoulders. Duration approximately 60 minutes

Telehealth £45

Approx duration 45 mins

Telehealth services have never been more important. In the midst of Covid-19, the general public are being encouraged to practice social distancing. With imminent school closures and more of us being encouraged to work from home, we've come up with an inventive way for our patients to continue with their rehabilitation. 

We are proud to offer the opportunity for new & existing patients to be rehabilitated in the comfort and safety of their home. We are assuming that this is a relatively new concept to most reading this. The title Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist incites the idea of a physical assessment and physical treatment. However, we assure you that this remote approach will still lead to the same great results of a physical session. 


Session's will be available to book online. Once booked into a clinicians diary you'll receive  an email with some information regarding the appointment. At the allotted time the Physiotherapist will video call you on WhatsApp or Zoom.  Don't worry, we have the technical bit in hand, all you have to do is click on a link to join a secure chat.  The video is encrypted at each end too, so it's super-secure!

The session will begin with a subjective history and may include some self performed physical assessments (Under the guidance of the physiotherapist). Once a diagnosis has been established, a tailored self management plan will be emailed over to you. The physiotherapist will go through the advice given & assist in the completion of your exercises. Any subsequent follow ups with follow a similar model until you're fully recovered. 

Sports Massage 30 minutes  £35 - Not currently available due to COVID 19

30 minute soft tissue sports massage, ideal for small areas such as calves, hamstrings or shoulder.  Duration approximately 30 minutes

Covered by a Medical Insurance or Plan

Simple! Please provide your approval reference and name of provider when making your booking - We deal with the rest! Book your appointment as normal using the link above or via telephone.

If you are booking any appointment covered by your insurance company please call or email us to check for any special requirements.  Invalid information about your claim may result in you having to pay for your own treatment costs.  Please also check if your policy has an excess to pay in order to gain your treatment, if so we require this to be paid upfront of any treatment being carried out.  Please note, we are no longer accepting new patients for AXA-PPP or Nuffield health.


Please note: Any appointments cancelled within 24 hrs will be charged the full cost of the appointment

Cancellations before 24 hrs will not be charged.