About us

  • We treat any musculo-skeletal injury or condition from Back & Neck pain, to Hip & Pelvic pain, Joint pain and muscular & Soft tissue strains, pains, tears and weakness
  • Located in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire we are specialists in sports injuries, treatment and rehabilitation. Our physiotherists have sporting experience from elite sport to sport at a local level. Our clinic is situated within staffs based Running Form running store, so as part of the course we treat many sports injuries and train specifically to offer the very best treatment for every athlete whether an elite racer or weekend warrior!
  • We employ a holistic approach biomechanical assessment in order to asssess injuries to ensure we get you better, quicker and for longer.
  • Dynamic motion analysis incorporating HD Video Analysis is used to analyse your dynamic movement.  It's really important that we can see what is happening to your biomechanical alignment while you are moving, so we video you using state of the art video motion technology to slow down your movement and see what else may be contributing to your injury.
  • We are now one of the approved 'Gait in motion' clinics across the U.K, whereby we utilise the highest quality footplate in the world which analyses the dynamic and static foot pressure, centre of mass, balance and can produce bespoke Phits Orthotics which are trusted by the elite athletes and professionally approved in clinical excellence by the Royal College of Podiatry. We have seen incredible results in our assessments of our patients and have seen immediate differences in improved balance and gait in seconds.
  • Physio Form is approved with all major medical insurance companies form Bupa, Aviva, Pru Health, Protocol, WPA, Cigna as well as cash plans from Simply Health.  
  • We are also an accredited clinic with Nuffield Health
  • Established in 2009 our physiotherapists have over 10 years each expertise in sports injuries
  • Physio Form clinic is located within Running Form Specialist running store