Are you pregnant and experiencing pain in your groin area, buttocks, upper thighs or indeed anywhere around your pelvis area? If so, you could  have pelvic girdle pain. It starts when the hormone relaxin begins to affect the ligaments in the pelvis making it slightly less stable. Often it is experienced during the second and third trimester as your pelvis is coping with carrying the extra weight from baby spice, however it can come on in the very early days of pregnancy.

Typically people with PGP tend to report their pain is worse the more they are on their feet, turning over in bed, or during activities involving standing on one leg (yes you do, and much more than you think!)

Formerly known as pubic symphysis dysfunction, pregnant ladies can often be told their pain is just normal pregnancy pain and will go after the birth. However treatment is available, and can really make a difference to your comfort and function throughout your pregnancy. The right advice and exercise will also make your post natal recovery quicker and less painful.

So, if this sounds familiar to you, then do seek help from a women's health physiotherapist. Often even just one session of manual therapy, relevant exercises and daily living adaptations can make a massive difference. 

For now though, stop standing on one leg......your pelvis will thank me. I promise!