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  • 26 April 2019
  • Physio Form

It seems glaringly obvious, yet the medical profession have only recently begun to deeply investigate the role of exercise and health. Most of us see exercise as a chore or as a way to keep the pounds off, but what if I told you it was the key to physical & mental health?

How can exercise benefit you?

There is emerging scientific evidence to support exercises ability to:

● Improve sleep quality

● Reduce stress and anxiety

● Improve cardiovascular fitness

● Improve cognitive function

● Improve muscle strength

● Improve metabolic function

● Change body composition

● Improve immune function

Keeping active is therefore a preventative measure for most chronic conditions that so many people are currently diagnosed with.Our health is at an all time low, despite medical advancements and an increase in life expectancy. Increasing our physical activity is an easy lifestyle change with immediate and long term benefits. 

How can I incorporate exercise into everyday life?

The get out clause for most, is finding the time to fit exercise in to our increasingly busy schedules. Exercise doesn’t have to be rigid, It doesn’t even have to be a specific pursuit. Scan through the table below to see where you can make the changes and watch your health flourish.

Free Time One the Move

Yoga, Pilates, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Gym Classes

Walking to destinations, cycling to destinations.
At Work  At Home 

Walking meetings, Standing Desks, Walking Phone Calls, Taking the stairs

Gardening, Housework, Playing with the kids, Playing with the dog


What if I’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Being diagnosed with a chronic condition, such as Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes or Arthritis can be a very difficult thing to process. Often information and medical treatments can be overwhelming, leaving us helpless and confused.


However, This is the perfect opportunity to take back control of your health. Prescribed activity, led by a qualified practitioner, can lead to a massive reduction in the physical and mental symptoms of a chronic condition. In addition, there is an increasing number of cases, where a complete reversal of chronic conditions have been reported.

Empowerment and a holistic approach to health is the future. It starts with you.


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