Is your lifestyle causing your foot pain?

  • 30 November 2018
  • Alice Wharam

At Physio Form we treat patients from all walks of life, for all sorts of foot related issues. Often, occupations and leisure activities can determine the types of problems they may have. It’s important to pursue your passions but this got me thinking … does your activity impact your foot health?

Here are some examples;

Standing around!

Aching feet are common in individuals who spend much of their day on their feet. Standing desks are often a new feature in modern offices, so even office bound jobs can put your feet at risk. ranked teachers and healthcare workers as two of the worst jobs for people in pain because of the amount of time they spend standing up. When we are constantly upright, our feet experience a lot of pressure which can lead to conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.


High Heel wearers

I am a girl that loves shoes – and I get that shoes can make or break an outfit! Heels are a popular choice for work, brunch and out of hours partying but it is still important to acknowledge the negative effect that heels have on feet. Heels change the alignment of your feet often squeezing them into unnatural positions and tight spaces causing bunions, joint and nerve irritation and even stress fractures.


Athletes and Gym fanatics

Most athletes will be aware of foot related strains that arise from their activities, but the same issues are also common with recreational runners, gym fanatics and the avid walker.

If your feet are constantly moving, they are constantly feeling pressure and being exerted. Over time that same pressure can lead to overuse injuries like ankle, tendon and muscle strains.

Before you panic and cover yourselves in bubble wrap – I am not suggesting that you change your career or cancel your next park run but instead be mindful of the possibility of potential injury.  A simple change may be trying a new pair of shoes or mixing up the sequence of your gym routine. The best way to find out is to speak to a professional.


If you have any queries or concerns about how your activities are impacting your foot health call or make an appointment with us today.

About Alice Wharam

Alice Wharam – Biomechanics Specialist Podiatrist (BSc Pod Hons, MChS, SRCh) Alice has over 18 year’s experience as a biomechanics specialist Podiatrist currently dividing her time as a Clinical Specialist for Derbyshire Community Health Services and private practice. She brings extensive knowledge and experience to the clinic having completed cortisone therapy and manual therapy post graduate modules She specialises in Lower Limb clinical biomechanics and has a special interest in podopaediatrics (children) and Sports Podiatry. Alice has treated various professional athletes ranging from ATP Tennis players, England hockey players and even a Commonwealth Power lifter! Alice is also involved in delivering teaching to other healthcare professionals and takes an active role in mentoring podiatry students through their training. Alice love all things foot related and is able to assess and offer a range of services, including biomechanical assessments, provision of customised foot orthotics, cortisone therapy and nail surgery. Alice is known for taking a holistic approach to lower limb pain and thrives on working as part of a multidisciplinary team. She has a host of fellow healthcare professionals she is able refer to if this is required leaving you safe in the knowledge you will receive a tailored treatment plan. In her spare time Alice is known as the “Momager” in her family, organising her two children. She can mainly be found supporting on the side of a tennis court or rugby pitch!

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