Massage with London looming!

With 83 days, 13 hours, 23 minutes and 14 seconds and possibly quite a bit less
by the time you read this to the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 you may be
wondering why your feeling more tightness in your muscles and tissues,
increased stiffness of the bones that have been hammering the streets, why your
nerves are tingling and your brain is struggling to deal with the psychological
pressure your placing upon it!?

Well, I can tell are exercising regularly and your poor bodies are trying
to match and respond to the increasing levels of stress you are placing upon it. I
am guessing by now you have really started to ramp up the mileage and have
perhaps been finding it more difficult on these cold and dark mornings and
evenings to improve your level of endurance. Give yourself a break, you have
been expecting a lot, but rest assured your body will be adapting to this overload.
However, the recovery that takes place as a result of overload can benefit
enormously from techniques employed during a sports massage.
By having regular sports massage either before or after exercise will be
purposeful to promote physical, neurological and psychological changes that aid
performance and most valuably recovery.

I am an experience runner, cyclist and now mother of two trying to fit a run in
now and again. What is more is I really value the benefits of a massage which
include a release of muscle tension and or pain, an improved drainage of waste
products, a reduction in the discomfort from delayed onset of muscle soreness
and improved posture and flexibility (needless to say you don't have to be a
runner or mother to improve here)

Also, I get it!!! You have been training now for what seems like an eternity for one
event that will give you memories to last a lifetime, you do not or will not want
anything to jeopardise that day. I will make it my goal to help you reach yours by
the massage techniques used. If you want a nice relaxing massage, perhaps don't
come here, but I will work with you to help those miles feel a lot easier.


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